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Friday, December 28, 2012

Search JW.ORG / Searching For Articles at JW.ORG

Many are now familiar with the Watchtower Online Library. There are many ways to find the subject(s) that you are looking for there either through the Search Box, the Publications Subject Index or the Scripture Index.

But not as many people know that a multitude of new articles are now available at JW.ORG. It has been encouraged for us to discover what is now available at JW.ORG so that we can fully utilize these articles in our ministry.

A common question has been whether JW.ORG has a Search Box for locating articles. To date, a Search Box at JW.ORG does not seem to be available. HOWEVER, one can use the Search Box above or at DEFEND JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES for locating the JW.ORG article(s) desired.

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