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Friday, December 18, 2009

If the Holy Spirit is really a person, wouldn't the water and blood be persons too according to Trinitarian reasoning and 1 John 5:8?

1 John 5:8:

"For there are three who bear witness [and, interestingly, this is the only place in the entire Bible we find a 'trinitarian' formula that even mentions the word 'three'!], The Spirit [which is God according to trinitarians], and the water, and the blood: and the three [are] in one." - ASV.

Sadly for Trinitarians, this is by far the clearest "Trinitarian" statement in the entire Bible! It is the only one that even mentions "three".

And still the formula of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is absent. Rather, these three "persons" who are equally God are the Spirit, the water, and the blood!

Of course an honest, clear statement of the Trinity Doctrine would be:

"For there are three persons who compose the only true God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And these three persons are the One God."

It isn't a difficult statement for anyone to write, let alone an inspired Bible writer. But you will never see even that in the inspired scriptures.

Therefore, this clearest of trinitarian "proofs" (1 John 5:8) shows "conclusively" that if the Holy Spirit is God, His two equal partners are not Jesus and Jehovah, but the "persons" of "the Holy Water" and "the Holy Blood".

Certainly such "evidence" is absolutely ridiculous. However, it is an excellent example of how the very best trinitarian "proofs" are tragically worthless. (Jer. 16:19 - KJV, ASV, RSV, NASB, JPS)

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