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Monday, December 14, 2009

Why do some people call Jehovah's Witnesses a cult?

(Also see Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Sect or a Cult?)

Whenever the topic of Jehovah's Witnesses comes up, too many people seem to simply rattle off this seemingly robotic and shallow response: "they are a cult".

Because this is easily proven to be untrue, it seems likely that they say this because they are unable or unwilling to give an educated opinion. And despite evidence contrary to what they say from Jehovah's Witnesses and educated non-Jehovah's Witnesses alike, they still don't seem to figure out that they might need to look into the subject a little deeper.

By many dictionaries, a 'cult' is a religion that is said to be unorthodox or that emphasizes devotion according to prescribed ritual. Many cult adherents live in groups apart from the rest of society and follow a living human leader.

But Jehovah's Witnesses strictly adhere to the Bible and do not look to a human for salvation, but rather to Jesus Christ as their leader.

Their worship is a way of life, not a ritual devotion and they live and work in the midst of other people.

After decades of research, it is my personal belief that out of all of the religions that exist today, Jehovah's Witnesses' understanding of the Bible is the most accurate in all of the essential Scriptural truths.

It would be nice if more people learned the facts about Jehovah's Witnesses instead of just parroting bad information.

Here is one way that they can:

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