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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Are the paradise conditions described in Isa. 11:6-9 a literal or figurative promise?

Isaiah was a prophet, of the true God, Jehovah. He lived and served in Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah of Judah in 740 B.C.E. (Isa 1:1)

Some say that this paradise that is described in Isa. 11 is referring to something other than a future restored earthly Paradise. However, it is evident that the restoration prophecies recorded by the Hebrew prophets (like Isaiah) include elements that will also find a physical fulfillment in the restored earthly Paradise. There are features that Isaiah recorded in Isaiah 35:1-7, for example, such as the healing of the blind and the lame, that did not have a literal fulfillment following the restoration from ancient Babylon, nor are they fulfilled in such a manner in the Christian spiritual paradise.

So it would be inconsistent for God to inspire such prophecies as those of Isaiah 11:6-9, Ezekiel 34:25, and Hosea 2:18, with the intention that they have only a figurative or spiritual meaning, without having a literal fulfillment of these things in the physical experiences of God’s servants.

In other words, Isaiah was a prophet who recorded Bible prophecy and described LITERAL paradise-like conditions in Isa. 11 that will find fulfillment in a future restored earth.

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