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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Holy, Holy, Holy" - Is. 6:3

"Holy, Holy, Holy" - Is. 6:3

     Some trinitarians have claimed that this invocation of three "Holy"s for the one  Jehovah must indicate the "three-in-oneness" of Him.

     But trinitarian Dr. Young tells us: "The repetition of a word denotes the superlative degree, e.g. ... Isa 6:3." - Young's Analytical Concordance, "Hints and Helps to Bible Interpretation," #18, Eerdmans, 1978 printing.  (Examine Jer. 22:29 and Ezek. 21:27.  How would the trinitarian 'proof' method work in these scriptures?)

     Even if we chose to ignore such explanations of triple-stated words (as the footnote for Is. 6:3 in the trinitarian The New Oxford Annotated Bible, 1977 ed.) that this is done for emphasis, we certainly wouldn't, I hope, insist that anyone (like Daffy Duck finding a treasure cavern) who said "Mine! Mine! Mine!" is really proclaiming his own 3-in-one triunity!

     If we're really going to play such a silly game, let's look at Matt. 7:22 and Matt. 25:11:  Jesus is addressed as "Lord, Lord"!  We see, then, that either the "Godhead" is composed of only two persons (a "binity") or, more "likely," the Messiah is composed of two persons (David and Jesus, judging from many other scriptures – see `Quadrinity' study paper.

     In the same vein we see at Matt. 23:7 (King James Version; NKJV; KJIIV; MKJV; Young's; Darby; Webster; Revised Webster; and other Bible translations based on the Received Text) that the Pharisees wanted to be called "Rabbi, Rabbi"!   It is beyond the bounds of credibility that these individuals were teaching that they were part of a 2-in-one "Rabbinity"!

     To continue this obviously ridiculous type of reasoning let's look at the use of "Hallelujah" in Revelation 19.  This phrase, which means "praise Jehovah," is used only in this single chapter out of the entire NT.  And in this one event the single God on the throne is praised with four hallelujahs.  Surely this is "proof" (trinitarian-style) of a four-in-one Jehovah, a "quadrinity." (See Quadrinity paper mentioned above.)

    Further such "proof" of the "Quadrinity" can be found at Ps. 107 where this prayer is called out four times: "Let them thank Jehovah for His mercy; and His wonders to the sons of men" -  Ps. 107:8, 15, 21, 31, The Interlinear Bible.

     Or, what could be "clearer" than the testimony of Rev. 4:5 and 5:6 that God is actually composed of seven spirit persons!  Sure "proof" (trinitarian-style) that God is a  septinity.

     Or, maybe we could actually go with the many hundreds of instances where God is merely called Holy.  Wouldn't these hundreds of instances of single usage outweigh the once or twice he's praised as  "Holy, Holy, Holy"?  Doesn't the  overwhelming "testimony" of  single "Holy" usages show by a margin of hundreds to one that Jehovah is composed of only a single (Holy) person?

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