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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Angels - Why are they referred to as male in the Bible?

"God is a Spirit" (John 4:24) and so are all of the angels. Spirit creatures are different than physical ones as we know that flesh and blood cannot enter heaven. (1 Cor. 15:50 ) According to Mt. 22:30, angels do not marry nor can reproduce their own kind and so are therefore sexless:

"For in the resurrection neither do men marry nor are women given in marriage, but are as angels in heaven."

Most likely, angels are generally represented as males because God and his Son are spoken of as males. When referring to spirit persons, the masculine gender is given, probably because the male was to be the head of the female as according to the God-ordained headship principle:

"But I want YOU to know that the head of every man is the Christ; in turn the head of a woman is the man; in turn the head of the Christ is God." (1Cor. 11:3)

So in deference to their authority and superiority, they are given masculine names and referred to in the masculine gender. That is why when taking human form on earth, the angels take on fleshly bodies of men.

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