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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does the Holy Spirit have a personal name?

Nowhere in scripture can there be found a personal name for the Holy Spirit.

The Son has a name (Jesus) and the Father has a name (Jehovah, Ps.83:18; KJV), so if the Trinity doctrine is correct and the Holy Spirit really is God, then why doesn't the Holy Spirit have a personal name?

This would be an unforgivable slighting of the True God if the holy spirit were truly a person who is God (or 1/3 God, or anything else trinitarians want it to be), but it would be exactly what would be expected if the only true God were the Father alone (Jehovah alone), and if the Christ and savior were Jesus alone, and if the holy spirit were not a person but God's active force and therefore had no personal name.

The way that the Bible uses the term "holy spirit" indicates that it is God's active force that He uses to accomplish a variety of His purposes.

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