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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Faith (Category)

What is faith, and is it the only thing required of us? (SFBT)

Faith - Once Saved, Always Saved? (SFBT)

Can you be Christian and NOT believe in the Bible? (SFBT)

Could Jesus Have Had Faith in God? - A Trinitarian Dilemma (pastorrussell)

Is There One True Religion? (SFBT)

Does it matter which religion you choose? (SFBT)

How do I choose a religion? (SFBT)

What Is Faith?
The Bible encourages strong faith built on solid evidence. (WBTS)

Should Faith Be Based on Reason?
If we are truly interested in pleasing God, should we not consider seriously the accuracy of what we believe about him? (WBTS)

What Must We Do to Be Saved?
What does it mean to follow Jesus, and how can we do that? (WBTS)

Faith Healing

What does the Bible say about 'faith healers'? (jwitness forum)

‘Miraculous Healing’ Today - Is It From God? (WBTS)

False Prophet (Category)

'False Prophet' Claim and Jerusalem 607 B.C.E. (SFBT)

Does the Watchtower Society really claim to be an inspired prophet? (JWQ&A)

Dates (1914; 1975) (SFBT)

The Destruction of Jerusalem - 607 B.C.? (SFBT)

Are Jehovah's Witnesses "false prophets"? (jwitnessforum)

The Problem with "False Prophecy" Polemics (Bible Translation and Study)

The Churches, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Question of Unfulfilled Prophetic Expectations (Jehovah's Witnesses United)

Has The Watchtower Society Ever Claimed to be Infallible? (SFBT)

Did the Bible ever say that God's followers would never make mistakes? (jwitnessforum)

Have Jehovah's Witnesses ever claimed to be an INSPIRED prophet? (SFBT)

Can Dreams Foretell The Future? (WBTS)

Why You Can Trust Bible Prophecy (WBTS)

Fasting  (Category)

Is Fasting for Christians? (SFBT)

Fasting - Does It Draw You Closer to God?
Should you fast? What does the Bible have to say on this subject? (WBTS)


Why does the Bible say that it is good to fear God? (SFBT)

Festival of Dedication  (See "Hanukkah")


What did Peter mean when he wrote about "the heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire"? (JWQ&A)

Flag  (See "Neutrality)

Flood (Category)

According to the Bible, what was the time span between Adam’s creation to the Flood? (SFBT)

Men had life-spans up to 969 years between Adam’s creation to the Flood. If it was only 1,656 years between those two events, then why do those 10 generational names potentially add up to just under 10,000 years? (JWQ&A)

Did the Great Flood of Noah's Day Really Happen? (SFBT)

What was the general population's attitude and the disobedient angels' motivations in the days before the flood? (JWQ&A)

In order to marry the daughters of men and have sex relations with them, what did those angelic "sons of God" have to do? (JWQ&A; 9/15/55 WT)

What is the firmament in Genesis? (jwitness forum)

From what source was the Flood of Noah’s day? (SFBT)

Noah's Flood - Where did the waters come from? (jwitness forum)

What effect of a rapid diminishment of a global water canopy? (JWQ&A)

Noah's Flood - Where did the waters go? (jwitness forum)

Is there any evidence to support the idea of a global flood? (jwitness forum)

How big was Noah's Ark? (jwitness forum)

Did humans eat meat before the flood? (JWQ&A)

What does the Bible say concerning whether the whole earth was covered with water? (JWQ&A)

Was the Flood of Noah's Day Really Global?
Some may wonder if the story of the whole earth being covered with water is a myth or at least an exaggeration. (WBTS)

In what year does the Bible indicate the Great Flood occurred and why didn't Noah's father and grandfather enter the ark? (SFBT)

Did Noah take insects into the ark? (jwitness forum)

Why Did That Ancient World Perish?
The global Deluge was not a natural disaster. It was a judgment from God. Warning was given, but it was largely ignored. Why? (WBTS)


"Apologizing - A Key Way to Making Peace" (JWQ&A)


Why did Jesus cry out that God had 'forsaken' him? (jwitness forum)

Why, while hanging on the stake, did Jesus Christ cry out, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" (JWQ&A)

Fourth of July  (See "Holidays")

Fossils (Category) (Also see "Dinosaurs")

Does Science Contradict the Genesis Account? (SFBT)

Does the fossil record support the Bible? (jwitness forum)

Is the Earth really only 10,000 years old? (SFBT)

Why Some Scientists Believe in God (WBTS)
A Spotty Fossil Record - A third mystery that has puzzled some scientists is related to the fossil record. If evolution proceeded over aeons of time...

Franz  (Frederick W.) (Category)

Frederick W. Franz and Biblical Hebrew (Bible Translation and Study)

Robert Hommel's Comments on the New World Translation (Bible Translation and Study)

Frederick W. Franz (1893 - 1992)

Franz  (Ray) (See "Apostasy")

Free Will

Free will; Chess game analogy and thread (JWQ&A)

Funding / Finances (of JWs) (Category)

How is the work of Jehovah's Witnesses financed? (SFBT)

How is the work of Jehovah's Witnesses financed? (jwitnessforum)

How Is It All Financed? - Not Serving for Personal Gain (JWQ&A)