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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hades  (See "Hell")

Hair (Category)

Did Jesus have long hair? (SFBT)

Do You Worry About Your Hair? (WBTS)

Because 1 Cor. 11:14, 15 is concerned about women having longer hair than men, does this mean that women should only have long hair? (JWQ&A)

Should Christian Men Today Wear Beards? (SFBT)

Is it proper for Christians to wear moustaches? (JWQ&A)

Bible Stories: The Strongest Man
Then she calls a man to come in and cut his hair. When Samson wakes up, ... (WBTS)
Samson finally revealed the truth—his hair had never been cut. (WBTS)

Hanukkah (Category)

Hanukkah—Is It a “Jewish Christmas”? (JWQ&A)

Hanukkah (Festival of Dedication) - Significance for Christians (JWQ&A)

Healers (See "Faith Healers")

Head Covering  (Category)

Why does Paul tell Christian women to wear a head covering? (JWQ&A)

What is the spiritual significance of a woman wearing a head covering? (JWQ&A)

"While not permitted to teach in congregational assembly, a woman could teach persons outside the congregation who desired to learn the truth of the Bible as well as be a `teacher of what is good' to younger women (and children) within the congregation." (Tit. 2:3-5) (JWQ&A)

Heaven (Category)

If God intended for us to live in heaven and not on earth, why did He not create us there? (SFBT)

Who selects the ones who will go to heaven and what will they do there? (SFBT)

Who go to heaven and why? (jwitness forum)

Heaven is viewed by many as the only place to find true peace and happiness. Is heaven simply a place of blissful peace? (WBTS)

How should we understand promises of earthly blessings? Are they relevant today? (WBTS)
Heaven is viewed by many as the only place to find true peace and happiness. Is heaven simply a place of blissful peace? (WBTS)

Hell (Category)

What is the definition of Hell? (SFBT)

What is Hell as mentioned in the Bible? (SFBT)

Why is the word "Hell" an unsatisfactory translation of the original Hebrew and Greek Bible words "She´ohl" and "Hai´des"? (SFBT)

Why is there confusion as to what the Bible says about hell? (SFBT)

Does God really allow the wicked to burn in a fiery Hell? (jwitness forum)

The Bible’s Viewpoint - Will Bad People Burn in Hell? (WBTS)

Do wicked and upright people go to hell? (SFBT)

Jesus story of the rich man and Lazarus - literal or not? (jwitness forum)

Did Jesus Mean Hellfire? (Mark 9:44-48) (patorrussell)

Is Hell Hot? (patorrussell)

Does anyone ever get out of the Bible hell? (SFBT)

Would a loving God really punish humans with a fiery Hell? (SFBT)

If we don't go to heaven or hell, then what motivates us to serve God? (SFBT)

"Hell is a Woman" (Reasoning From Scripture)

"The Resurrection" (Reasoning From Scripture)

What Really Is Hell? (WBTS)

What Has Happened to Hellfire? (WBTS)

Is Death Really the End? (WBTS)

A Closer Look at Some Myths About Death (WBTS)

Will the Dead Live Again? - The Resurrection A Glorious Prospect (WBTS)

Henschel  (Milton G.)

Milton G. Henschel (1920 - 2003) (pastorrussell)

Holidays (Category)

What Should a Christian Look For When Deciding Whether to Partake or Not Partake in a Holiday or Celebration? (SFBT)

Why is it Important Whether a Holiday Has Pagan Religious Associations? (SFBT)

Research: Are Celebrating Holidays Acceptable to God? (SFBT)

Should WEDDING RINGS and the use of days and months of the GREGORIAN CALENDAR be avoided by true Christians? (SFBT)

What do Jehovah's Witnesses believe about holidays? (VIDEO)

Why is paganism so despicable to Jehovah Witnesses? (SFBT)

Candy in the gutter illustration (JWQ&A)

What is life like for Children that are raised in the Jehovah's Witness faith (no holidays)? (Y/A)

Beliefs and Customs That Displease God (WBTS)

Beware of Customs That Displease God (WBTS)

Can a Pagan Holiday Be Made Christian? (WBTS)

Should We Celebrate Holidays? (WBTS)

What view do Christians take of religious holidays? (WBTS)

CHRISTMAS - Does It Have Any Known Pagan Religious Associations? (SFBT)

Did Jesus Christ or his disciples or his apostles celebrate Christmas? (SFBT)

Did Jesus Want His Birthday Celebrated? Did His Followers Celebrate It? (SFBT)

Hanukkah—Is It a “Jewish Christmas”? (JWQ&A)

Hanukkah (Festival of Dedication) - Significance for Christians (JWQ&A)

Why don't Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate CHRISTMAS? (jwitnessforum)

Is there anything wrong with singing Christmas carols? (SFBT)

Christmas Customs - Are They Christian? (WBTS)

Has Christmas Lost Christ? (WBTS)

How Should Christ Be Remembered? (WBTS)

Jesus' Birth - The Real Story (WBTS)

HALLOWEEN - Does It Have Any Known Pagan Religious Associations? (SFBT)

ST. Patrick's Day:
ST. PATRICK'S DAY - Does It Have Pagan Religious Associations? (SFBT)

ST. Valentine's Day:
St. VALENTINE'S DAY - Does It Have Any Pagan Religious Associations? (SFBT)

April Fool's Day:
Origins of April Fool's Day (JWQ&A)

When it comes to having fun or playing practical jokes at another's expense, what scriptural principles should be kept in mind? (JWQ&A)

EASTER - Does It Have Any Pagan Religious Associations? (SFBT)

Independence Day (Fourth of July) - Also see "Neutrality":
What scriptures have a bearing on the attitude of true Christians toward involvement in ceremonies commemorating events in a nation's political history? (SFBT)

THANKSGIVING - Does It Have Any Known Pagan Religious Association? (SFBT)

New Year's Eve / Day:
Should A Christian Celebrate New Year's Eve / Day? (SFBT)

Holy Spirit (Category)

What is the Holy Spirit? (SFBT)

Is the Holy Spirit a Person? (WBTS)

Examining Holy Spirit 'Proof-Texts' (SFBT)

Quotes: Holy Spirit is a Force from God, Trinitarians Admit (SFBT)

The Holy Spirit—God's Active Force (WBTS)

Comprehensive Research Concerning Why the Holy Spirit is Not God or a Person (Examining the Trinity)

Bowman's Holy Spirit (Examining the Trinity)

What is the difference in the meaning of "ru´ach" (spirit) in Genesis chapter 1 and 2 in the Bible? (SFBT)

Is the Holy Spirit really God? (SFBT)

The Holy Spirit-Active Force or the 3rd Person of the Trinity? (

What about scriptures that seem to show the Holy Spirit being personified? (SFBT)

Do scriptures personifying the "Holy Spirit" mean that it is a person? (SFBT)

If the Holy Spirit is God, then why isn't the Holy Spirit given equal description in the Bible? (SFBT)

Did Jesus ever teach that the Holy Spirit was God along with the Father and Son? (SFBT)

The Truth About the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (WBTS)

Is it true that the Bible describes the Holy Spirit as an "it"? (SFBT)

Is the Holy Spirit really a thing that can be poured out into portions? (SFBT)

Does the Holy Spirit have a personal name? (SFBT)

Why is the Holy Spirit nameless and indistinguishable from all of the other holy spirits? (SFBT)

Does Mt. 28:19 prove that the Holy Spirit is God? (SFBT)

Does Acts 8:29 prove that the Holy Spirit is a person? (SFBT)

How can the Holy Spirit be "grieved"? (Eph. 4:30) (SFBT)

If the Holy Spirit is really a person, wouldn't the water and blood be persons too according to Trinitarian reasoning and 1 John 5:8? (SFBT)

2 Cor.13:14 "Jesus", "God", "and the...Holy Spirit" (SFBT)

If the holy spirit really is a person, then why is it sandwiched between a list of QUALITIES at 2 Cor. 6:6? (SFBT)

Questions for those who believe in the Trinity (SFBT)

Homosexuality (Category)

What does the Bible say about homosexuality? (SFBT)

Scriptural view of Homosexuality (jwitness forum)

Did David and Jonathan have a homosexual relationship? (jwitness forum)

What is the attitude of true Christians toward those who have a history of homosexuality? (JWQ&A)

Did God make it so that I was born to be gay? (jwitness forum)

Why did Paul use "arsenokoitai" to describe homosexuals? (jwitness forum)

Homosexuality—How Can I Avoid It?
Today's tolerant attitudes have prompted a number of youths to experiment with same-sex relationships. (WBTS)

Does God Approve of Same-Sex Marriage?
According to this bishop, such homosexual relationships “are holy and ... ( Romans 1:32) And “marriage” cannot give homosexuality a cloak of ... (WBTS)

God's View of Cleanliness
Cleanliness--What Does It Really Mean? Lovers of God know that prostitution, homosexuality, premarital sex, and pornography are violations of Jehovah's standard of moral cleanness ... (WBTS)

Who Is to Blame--You or Your Genes?
SCIENTISTS are hard at work to try to find genetic causes for alcoholism, homosexuality, promiscuity, violence, other aberrant behavior, ... (WBTS)


Jesus' humility and respect in dealing with others while on Earth (JWQ&A)

Be humble like children (Mt. 18:1-5) (JWQ&A)


Huparchon (or `Uparchon') - Does the word `being' in Philippians 2:6 [KJV], really literally mean `remaining or not ceasing to be'? (SFBT)


Is Hypnotism for Christians? (WBTS)