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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dancing  (Category)

What does the Bible say about dancing? (JWQ&A)

What should a Christian's view be toward dancing? (SFBT)

Dates (Category)

Dates (1914; 1975) (SFBT)

Seven Times - The Times of The Gentiles (pastorrussell)

'False Prophet' Claim and Jerusalem 607 B.C.E. (SFBT)

"The JW organization itself didn't actively promote 1975 as a definite date for Armageddon by any means." (JWQ&A)

David (Category) 

David and the 'Holy' Quadrinity (Examining the Trinity)

Why did Jehovah's anger blaze against David for taking a census of Israel? (SFBT)

Who incited David to take the census? (jwitness forum)

After David and Bath-sheba sinned, why did their son have to die, since Deuteronomy 24:16 and Ezekiel 18:20 say that a son is not to die for his father's error? (JWQ&A)

Did David dance naked before the ark? (jwitness forum)

Did David and Jonathan have a homosexual relationship? (jwitness forum)

How many men did David capture (2 Sam 10:18;1 Chron 18:4)?  (jwitness forum)

Bible Stories: David Is Made King
SAUL again tries to capture David. He takes 3000 of his best soldiers and goes looking for him. When David learns about this, he sends spies out to learn ... (WBTS)

Bible Stories: Why David Must Run Away
One day Saul's jealousy causes him to do a terrible thing. (WBST)

Bible Stories: Trouble in David's House
When David grows older, he makes a bad mistake. And what trouble David has! (WBTS)

Bible Stories: David and Goliath
When David arrives at the army camp, he runs to the battle line to look for his brothers. The Phi·lis´tine giant Go·li´ath comes out to make fun of the ... (WBTS)

Bible Stories: Abigail and David
Ab´i·gai has good sense, and she keeps David from doing a bad thing. (WBTS)

Bible Stories: God Chooses David
David was born 10 years after Jehovah chose Saul to be king. The time will come when David will become king of Israel. (WBTS)

Day (Category)

How long is a "day" in the first chapter of Genesis? What Does the Hebrew word for "Day" mean? What each Day began and ended with (JWQ&A)

Were the creative "days" in Genesis literal 24 hour periods? (SFBT)

Is Gen. 1:5 talking about a literal morning and a literal evening of a literal day? (JWQ&A)

Then there was 'evening and morning' (jwitness forum)

Dead Sea Scrolls (Category)

The Dead Sea Scrolls (pastorrussell)

Isaiah Dead Sea Scrolls (Great Isaiah Scroll Directory - Isaiah Dead Sea Scrolls -photos and translation.)

Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of the Twentieth Century Relating to the Biblical World (

Ancient Scribes and the Word of God
The oldest Bible manuscripts available today are parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of which date back to the third and second centuries ... (WBTS)

Who Can Know the Future? 
In 1947 a copy of the book of Isaiah was discovered, along with other ancient scrolls, in a cave near the Dead Sea. ... (WBTS)

Does the Bible Have a Hidden Code?
The Dead Sea Scrolls include portions of the Bible text copied over 2000 years ago. The spelling in these scrolls often differs considerably ... (WBTS)

Do Jehovah's Witnesses Deny Biblical Monotheism?
This can best be illustrated by the use of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the most important manuscript finds of the century. ... (JW United)

How Was God's Name (YHWH) Pronounced? Some of the words in the Dead Sea scrolls were pronounced and spelled in the scrolls with an aspirant, ah, which is lacking in the Masoretic text. For example, Masoretic words like hoo and hee are spelled hoo-ah in the scrolls. ... (SFBT)

Death (Category)

What Happens After You Die? (SFBT)

What happens when we die? (jwitness forum)

What Hope for Dead Loved Ones? (pastorrussell)

Does the Bible indicate whether the dead experience pain? (SFBT)

Does the Bible Liken Death to Sleep? (SFBT)

Does the Bible indicate that the soul survives the death of the body? (SFBT)

When God’s will is done on earth, will people still get sick or die? (SFBT)

What are some practical suggestions for those who have lost a loved one in death? (SFBT)

Is there a hope of an afterlife for animals? (SFBT)

After David and Bath-sheba sinned, why did their son have to die, since Deuteronomy 24:16 and Ezekiel 18:20 say that a son is not to die for his father's error? (JWQ&A)

A Closer Look at Some Myths About Death
Surprising as it may seem, an examination of some popular beliefs about death in the light of God's Word will prove both comforting and refreshing. It will reveal that death is not necessarily the end of everything. (WBTS)
Where Are the Dead?
What the Bible teaches about the condition of the dead is comforting. (WBTS)

Real Hope for Your Loved Ones Who Have Died
The Bible's resurrection accounts give us a sure hope. (WBTS)

Release From Death
How could man be released from the bonds of death? (WBTS)

What Happens at Death?
Is human death a hopeless condition? God s Word gives a clear answer. (WBTS)

What Really Is Hell?
What is hell, and what kind of people go there? Is there any hope for those in hell? (WBTS)

Death Is Swallowed Up Forever
A clear understanding of death and the hope for the dead can change our outlook on life. (WBTS)

What Is Your View of Death?
What is your view of death? Have you examined your feelings, beliefs, hopes, and fears about the end of your life? (WBTS)

Is Death Really the End?
Many believe not only that death ends life now but also that there is no hope for the dead to live again. Consider compelling reasons to believe otherwise. (WBTS)

Death Is It Really the End?
Most people, if not all, would want to live again if they could do so. (WBTS)

Why Do We Fear Death?
Probably no other issue has been as perplexing and persistent as the question of what happens after death. (WBTS)

Death: The Only Remedy!
According to the Bible, the only remedy for death is the resurrection. What does the term "resurrection" mean? (WBTS)

Death Penalty (Category)

What should be the Christian view of the death penalty? (JWQ&A)


Deceived - The Importance of Making Sure What is Accurate (SFBT)

Deluge (See Flood)

Demons (Category) (Also see "Angels"; "Sons of God")

Do demons exist and what should a person do if they suspect that they are being harassed by them? (SFBT)

Why is Satan and his angels invisible to our eyes? (JWQ&A)

If certain denominations today claim that they can expel demons, is this unequivocal proof that they have Jesus' approval? (JWQ&A)

Do all of our desires and temptations come from Satan and his demons? (JWQ&A)

When were the disobedient angels cast into Tartarus and what is their condition there? (2 Pet. 2:4,5) (JWQ&A)

Who were the "spirits" spoken of in 1 Pet. 3:18-20? (jwitness forum)

Depression (Category)

Why should I not end my life? (SFBT)

Why does God permit suffering? (SFBT)

Hope for Sufferers
Mood disorders are difficult to diagnose and can be even more difficult to live with. But there is hope for sufferers. (WBTS)

Living With a Mood Disorder
What is it like to be afflicted with depression or bipolar disorder? (WBTS)

Understanding Postpartum Depression
How can postpartum depression be coped with? What support can family members and others give? (WBTS)

I Won My Battle With Postpartum Depression
A mother describes how she coped with the deep depression she experienced following the birth of her baby. (WBTS)

Tormented Minds
Worldwide, depression and bipolar disorder afflict millions of men and women. How can sufferers be helped? (WBTS)

You Can Find Help
Where can a person turn for a hearing ear? (WBTS)

How Others Can Help
With support, those who are ailing can find great relief from their distress. (WBTS)

You Can Find Real Happiness!
Does happiness really depend upon material and physical assets? (WBTS)

Harsh Words, Crushed Spirits
Childhood depression is recognized and not at all uncommon. Among its causes are rejection and mistreatment by parents. (WBTS)

Why Not Just End It All?
Many young people commit suicide each year, and millions attempt it. See how one can gain victory over painful emotions. (WBTS)

Why People Give Up on Life
Although the reasons why people commit suicide vary, certain events in life commonly trigger suicide. Why? How can this deadly urge be resisted? (WBTS)

Suicide—A Scourge of Young People (WBTS)

Some Indicators of Suicide
Be vigilant to note tendencies in young ones that may indicate a fragile and possibly unbalanced emotional state. (WBTS)

Suicide--Risk Factors and Warning Signs
Those whose loved ones commit suicide are often tormented by the question, What could I have done to prevent it? (WBTS)

Suicide--Given a Desire to Live
How depressing to grow old, lose physical strength, and suffer pain and sickness! Yet, there is powerful reason to treasure life--even under very difficult circumstances. (WBTS)


The Emphatic Diaglott (pastorrussell)

Dinosaurs (Category)

Why doesn't the Bible mention dinosaurs? (jwitness forum)

Dinosaurs - When Did They Live?; Part 2 (JWQ&A)

Does the fossil record support the Bible? (jwitness forum)

Why Some Scientists Believe in God (WBTS)

A Spotty Fossil Record - A third mystery that has puzzled some scientists is related to the fossil record. If evolution proceeded over aeons of time...

Are things that seem to be at odds with the Bible's account really in contradiction to what the Bible says? (JWQ&A)

Is the Earth really only 10,000 years old? (SFBT)

The Genesis Account and Dinosaurs (JWQ&A)

Why did God create dinosaurs? (JWQ&A)

Disasters (See "Natural Disasters".)

Disfellowshipping (Category)

What is expelling (disfellowshiping) and why is/was it used in the Christian congregation? (Defending Jehovah's Witnesses)

Is the practice of disfellowshipping (expelling) found in the Bible? (Defending Jehovah's Witnesses)

Do Jehovah's Witnesses practice "shunning"? (jwitnessforum)

"Disfellowshipping is not done out of spite or hatred for that individual. Rather, it may have the effect of having that person demonstrate their sincere repentance." (JWQ&A)

Child discipline illustration (JWQ&A)

To what extent should Christians avoid fellowship with disfellowshipped ones? (Defending Jehovah's Witnesses)

What About Christians Living In The Same Household With a Disfellowshipped Family Member? (Defending Jehovah's Witnesses)

What about Christians living in the same household with a disfellowshipped family member and family Bible study? (JWQ&A)

Can someone be reinstated back to the congregation after being Disfellowshipped / Expelled? (SFBT)

Do you have to be ignored if you are disfellowshipped in a Jehovah Witness Religion? (Y/A)

If a situation occurs which requires the assistance of law enforcement, should a Christian consult the police or the elders? (JWQ&A)

Is someone to be disfellowshipped for marrying an unbeliever? (JWQ&A, #3 in list)

Is it possible to be disfellowshiped even if the sinner regrets his faults? (JWQ&A)

Are repentant wrongdoers "placed" or "put on" public or private reproof as if placed on probation? (JWQ&A)

Let Us ABHOR What Is Wicked (WBTS)

Discipline That Can Yield Peaceable Fruit (WBTS)

Divine Nature

What is "divine nature"? (JWQ&A)

Divorce  (Category)

What Scriptural grounds are there for divorce allowing for remarriage? (SFBT)

What circumstances allow for separation to be Biblically permissible? (JWQ&A)

Marriage / Family Life (Numerous articles from the WBTS)

Does God Hate ALL Divorce?
Jesus acknowledged that fornication is an acceptable ground for a Scriptural divorce--indeed, the only acceptable ground that allows for remarriage. (WBTS)

The Option of DIVORCE
Is divorce a wise option? What are some of the factors involved in the option of divorce? (WBTS)

Family Life That Pleases God - What is the Bible's view of separation and of divorce? (6, 7) (WBTS)

Children Do Not Deserve Divorce
Even if at the time of the infidelity a couple argued a lot, they should not hastily conclude that ending the marriage would be better for the children. (WBTS)

Can Marriage Withstand the Storm?
In view of the storm battering the institution of marriage, what can we do to shield ourselves and to enjoy a truly happy and lasting marriage? (WBTS)

What Is in the Child's Best Interests?
To divorce or not to divorce? That is a big question on the minds of many unhappily married people. (WBTS)

Marriage Should Be a Permanent Bond
Farsightedness is needed. A marriage must have solid foundations if it is to last and be satisfying. (WBTS)

Infidelity--Its Tragic Consequences
Whether it is the scandalous affairs that have rocked royalty, politicians, film stars, and religious leaders or the betrayal and tears in our own families, marital unfaithfulness continues to take a tragic toll. (WBTS)

Is Reconciliation Possible?
Should one try to reconcile with an adulterous mate? How can the challenges of reconstructing the marriage be met successfully? (WBTS)

Downloads (Category)

Jehovah's Witnesses Magazines Downloads (

Jehovah's Witnesses Featured Downloads (

Jehovah's Witnesses Educational Videos (

JW Brothers - Jehovah's Witnesses Videos (

Jehovah's Witnesses Talks Downloads (

Theoshare (

Dowsing (Category)

Water Witching and Other "Paranormal" Powers (SFBT)

Has the practice of dowsing been proven to work and is it for Christians? (SFBT)

Claim About Moses - The First Dowser? (SFBT)


Can Christians today receive God's guidance through dreams? (JWQ&A)

Drugs (Category)

Drugs--Who Takes Them?
Which really are the harmful drugs? Why do people get hooked on them? Is there a lasting solution to the problem? (WBTS)

Drugs--Why Do People Abuse Them?
Peer pressure certainly plays a major role in starting many on drugs, and the young are especially susceptible. (WBTS)

Prescription Drugs Use and Abuse
When properly used, prescribed medication may improve health and even save lives. But misused, it can be as unsafe as street drugs. (WBTS)

Young People and Drugs
Many youths worldwide have become involved with drugs. What can parents do to help their young ones? (WBTS)

Prescription Drug Abuse: Something Better Than Drugs
The day is coming when drugs of any kind will be a thing of the past. (WBTS)

Drug Abuse: How to Protect Your Children
Have you discussed the risks of drugs with your children? (WBTS)

Drug Abuse--There Is an Answer!
"It is impossible to simply eliminate a behavior without redirecting the patient towards a completely new dimension." (WBTS)

Raiding the Medicine Cabinet
Some of the most frequently abused drugs are those found in many homes: pain relievers, sedatives, stimulants, and tranquilizers. (WBTS)

What Should I Know About Steroids?
What are steroids? Why do people take them? And how can you resist their appeal? (WBTS)

Prescription Drug Abuse: Parents Protect Your Children!
Parents, talk to your children openly about the dangers of taking drugs prescribed or illicit. (WBTS)

Youths in Crisis
This series discusses some of the causes of teen distress and offers practical suggestions for youths and parents. (WBTS)

Soon--A Drug-Free World
Can you imagine a world without drug abuse? (WBTS)

'Dual Nature' of Christ (Category)

Does the Bible Support the Doctrine of the Double Nature of Christ? (SFBT)

Dual Nature of Christ? (JWQ&A)

Because God does not die according to Habakkuk 1:12, it would be absurd for Jesus to be God and man at the same time. (JWQ&A)

If Jesus is God and resurrected himself, wouldn't that mean that Jesus was never really dead in the first place and therefore his sacrificial death never really happened? Even if it did, would God's death really be "a corresponding ransom"? (SFBT)