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Saturday, June 12, 2010



The curse of Caanan (jwitness forum)

Why Canaan was punished? (Genesis 9:20-27) (JWQ&A)

Cain (Category)

Where did Cain get his wife? (SFBT)

Where did Cain get his wife? (jwitness forum)


Should WEDDING RINGS and the use of days and months of the GREGORIAN CALENDAR be avoided by true Christians? (SFBT)

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses use the Gregorian calender when it's months are named in honour of the pagan Roman kings/gods? (JWQ&A)

Capital Punishment  (See "Death Penalty")

Census (Category)

Why did Jehovah's anger blaze against David for taking a census of Israel? (SFBT)

Who incited David to take the census? (jwitness forum)

Child Protection  (Category)
(Jehovah's Witnesses' support for)

Jehovah's Witnesses Child Abuse Policy -- Exposing the Myths (

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: Protecting Children from Abuse
Child abuse is abhorrent to us. Even one abused child is one too many.

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: Inquiries on Child Abuse
Inquiries on Child Abuse Jehovah's Witnesses' Response

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: Dealing With Child Abuse
Dealing With Child Abuse Jehovah's Witnesses' Policy

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: November 21, 2007
Jehovah's Witnesses care for victims of child abuse

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: April 2, 1999
Problem of child abuse highlighted by educational work of Jehovah s Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: July 14, 2002
Jehovah's Witnesses and Child Protection in Britain

Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Web Site: Our Families
For Jehovah's Witnesses, the application of principles found in God's Word, the Holy Bible, is the basis for building successful and happy families.


Child Abuse - A Danger That Concerns Every Parent (WBTS)

Child Abuse - Make Your Family a Safe Haven (WBTS)

Child Molesting - You CAN Protect Your Child (WBTS)

Protect Your Children! (WBTS)

How Can We Protect Our Children? (WBTS)

How To Protect Your Children (WBTS)

Links to Numerous Articles Concerning the Importance of Children  (JWQ&A)

Children (Category)

Did the Mosaic law condone the stoning of children? (jwitness forum)

Was God unrighteous in allowing the destruction of innocent children? (jwitness forum)

"Is the Judge of all the earth not going to do what is right?" (Gen. 18:25) (JWQ&A)
Why did little children suffer the wrath of God’s executioners? (JWQ&A)

Does God really delight in killing babies? (Psalms 137: 9) (jwitness forum)

Be humble like children (Mt. 18:1-5) (JWQ&A)

Questions Young People Ask (WBTS)

Children Deserve to Be Wanted and Loved
A child needs and deserves the love of both parents. (WBTS)

How to Make Your Family Life Happy
The Bible contains a wealth of valuable counsel and instruction regarding family life. (WBTS)

The Family--A Human Necessity!
You can succeed in making your family an enjoyable, refreshing oasis in this tough, desertlike world. (WBTS)

The Vital Role of Fathers
Why do many fathers want to be more involved with their children? (WBTS)

How to Be a Good Father
What do all children need from their father? (WBTS)

How to Be a Good Father
While many things in life are hard to do, one of the hardest is to be a good father. (WBTS)

The Kind of Father Children Need
What can be learned about how to become a good father? (WBTS)

Seven Steps To Better Parenting (WBTS)

Reliable Advice for Raising Children
Parents the world over are benefiting from an ancient source of wisdom that is still proving to be a wellspring of reliable advice. (WBTS)

Raising Children: The Rise and Fall of Experts
Are the parents of today less anxious and better equipped to raise their children than those of yesteryear? (WBTS)

Spend Time With Your Family!
In general, kids who spend more time with their parents do better than kids that spend less time. It seems to be very difficult to make up for that lack of time. The idea of quality time has been oversold. (WBTS)

How Important Is Early Child Training?
What is the best way to develop your child's potential? (WBTS)

To divorce or not to divorce? That is a big question on the minds of many unhappily married people. (WBTS)

When Childhood Is Lost
Childhood is often a casualty of our modern world. Many children lose it abruptly; many are simply rushed through it. Why? (WBTS)

Providing Children What They Need
Time spent with young ones from their babyhood on is vital for their wholesome development. (WBTS)

Help Youths Meet Their Needs
Helping young people meet their needs takes effort. But the rewards are worth it! (WBTS)

What Babies Need and Want (WBTS)

Help Your Children to Thrive
Although dismissed as out-of-date, old-fashioned, or overly harsh the Bible is a practical book for families. (WBTS)

When Childhood Is Rushed
Is there a price for pressuring children to become, in effect, competent little adults before their time? (WBTS)

When Childhood Is Cherished
A good childhood depends largely on good parenting. But what does good parenting involve? (WBTS)

Parents Under Pressure
Children cannot be expected to understand all these pressures facing their parents. (WBTS)

Single Parents, Multiple Challenges
What are some of the special challenges facing single-parent families? (WBTS)

A Lone Parent, but Not Alone
Happily, many single parents have managed successfully to handle the unique challenges of their situation and raise responsible, well-behaved, God-fearing children. (WBTS)

How Can You Protect Your Children?
Learn three things that can assist you to succeed as a truly helpful parent. (WBTS)

How Can We Protect Our Children?
What kind of help do your children need? How can you prepare them for adult life? (WBTS)

How Can You Protect Your Children?
To defend their children, parents must understand the realities of the threat. Don't be left in the dark by misconceptions that protect child abusers and not children. (WBTS)

What Future Do You Want For Your Children? (WBTS)

Can The Bible Help You Train Your Children?
While the Bible is not a manual on child rearing, the Creator inspired the writers to include in it much practical advice on the subject. (WBTS) 

The Challenge of Child Training Today (WBTS)

Raising Adolescents The Role of Wisdom
Parents have the power both to build and to destroy a child s self-confidence. How can parents find the right balance? (WBTS)

An Ongoing Search for Solutions 
Many children are unloved and unwanted. Millions live in poverty and die prematurely each year. Will their needs ever be met? (WBTS)

The Solution at Last!
What a joy to know that the time for God to act in behalf of earth's children is near! (WBTS)

"The Children Are Delicate"
The mistreatment of children is not new. (WBTS)

Harsh Words, Crushed Spirits
Childhood depression is recognized and not at all uncommon. Among its causes are rejection and mistreatment by parents. (WBTS)

Giving Children the Attention They Need
What obligations do parents have to give their children needed attention? (WBTS)

Children--What They Need From Parents: Into the Cold World!
When especially do children need attention? How can parents meet their responsibilities to their little ones? (WBTS)

Your Role as a Parent
Parents who shower their children with verbal and physical expressions of love will nurture their children's mental and emotional growth and stability. (WBTS)

Parents - Be a Fine Example for Your Children
Children are children, and some are prone to be contrary. What can parents do? (WBTS)

What Can You Learn From Children?
What qualities do young children possess that adults do well to imitate? (WBTS)

What Inheritance Do You Owe Your Children?
Concerned parents rightly ask,'How much do we owe our children?' (WBTS)

Why Read Aloud to Your Children?
Parents who read aloud to their children can engender in them good reading habits, which may bring meaningful results throughout life. (WBTS)

The Internet--How to Avoid the Dangers
The Bible can help us to determine the wise use of the Internet. (WBTS)

Children Online What Parents Can Do
Help your children to become wise. Help them to understand how to use the Internet responsibly. (WBTS)

Children Online What Parents Should Know
Consider some of the online activities that many youths are attracted to and their potential dangers. (WBTS)

Helping Youths Meet the Challenge
Many young people are using the Internet to share their feelings and to search for companionship. See how these needs can be satisfied in a better way. (WBTS)

Protect Children From Pornography
Suggestions to protect your children from the dangers of pornography on the Internet. (WBTS)

Helping Children Deal With Death
Consider some commonly asked questions about helping children understand death. (WBTS)

The Pressures Facing Today's Youths
Adolescence even under the best of circumstances can be a turbulent time. (WBTS)

Protect Your Child From Accidents
How can we minimize accidents that involve children? What can we do if they happen? (WBTS)
Raising Children With Special Needs
Learn how families are coping successfully with young ones affected by some form of mental retardation. (WBTS)

Helping Children With Learning Disabilities
What can you do if your child has dyslexia or another learning disability? (WBTS)

Living With a Learning Disability
What are common learning disabilities? (WBTS)

Living With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Meeting the Challenge
What causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? How can people cope with it? (WBTS)

How to Recognize Dyslexia in Children
How can those who have dyslexia be helped? (WBTS)

Tomorrow's Children?
Will advancements in the field of biotechnology lead to a world free of pain, sickness, and disability? (WBTS)

Drug Abuse: How to Protect Your Children
Have you discussed the risks of drugs with your children? (WBTS)

Prescription Drug Abuse: Parents Protect Your Children!
Parents, talk to your children openly about the dangers of taking drugs prescribed or illicit. (WBTS)
Large Families United in God's Service
For Christian parents of large families, bringing up their children so that they love Jehovah is not easy, but many are successfully doing so. (WBTS)

Stepfamilies Can Succeed
Stepfamilies can be successful. The most successful are those in which all involved, especially the parents, cultivate right attitudes and realistic expectations. (WBTS)

Childhood Obesity What Can Be Done?
What is behind the global epidemic of childhood obesity? How can you help your children? (WBTS)

Children's Sports--The New Epidemic of Violence
On playing fields, basketball courts, ice rinks, and playgrounds, a new epidemic of violence seems to be spreading. (WBTS)

Are Game Players at Risk?
Some say there is a connection between game violence and agressiveness in the players. Are there risks that you and your family should know about? (WBTS)


Christendom’s Foundation (pastorrussell)

Christian (Category)

Definitions of a 'Christian' (JWQ&A)

What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? (WBTS)

Are Jehovah's Witnesses a Christian religion? (SFBT)

Are Jehovah's Witnesses not Christians because they do not believe in the trinity? (SFBT)

Can you be Christian and NOT believe in the Bible? (SFBT)

Can a Pagan Holiday Be Made Christian? (WBTS)

Christmas  (See "Holidays")

Chronology (Category)

According to the Bible, what was the time span between Adam’s creation to the Flood?

Men had life-spans up to 969 years between Adam’s creation to the Flood. If it was only 1,656 years between those two events, then why do those 10 generational names potentially add up to just under 10,000 years? (JWQ&A)

How long has man been on the earth from Adam to present? (JWQ&A)

In what year does the Bible indicate the Great Flood occurred and why didn't Noah's father and grandfather enter the ark? (SFBT)

According to the Bible, when was the city (and tower) of Ba'bel built? (SFBT)


Is the Law (which includes a direct command to be circumsized) still in effect? (JWQ&A)


What would be appropriate attire when attending places of worship and why? (JWQ&A)


The Early Christian Codex (pastorrussell)

From Scroll to Codex - How the Bible Became a Book (WBTS)

Codex Sinaiticus

Rescuing the Codex Sinaiticus (pastorrussell)

The Codex Sinaiticus Website

How does the Codex Sinaiticus render Is. 9:6? (JWQ&A)


What are examples of positive and negative forms of confidence? (JWQ&A)


Examination of Titus 1:15 (JWQ&A)


Christendom’s Foundation (pastorrussell)

Coptic (Category)

What is the Coptic Language and why is it important? (SFBT)

From a Biblical standpoint, why is Coptic extremely important and for what reasons? (JWQ&A)

What is the Sahidic and when did it come into existence? (JWQ&A)

The Importance of the Sahidic Coptic Version (copticjohn)

How does the Coptic text render John 1:1? (SFBT; Video Included)

John 1:1 and the Coptic Versions (NWT and Coptic)

Coptic John 1:1 (Reasoning From Scripture)

Is there any connection between the Coptic canonical Gospels and the Coptic Gnostic "gospels"? (JWQ&A)

How is John 10:33 translated in the coptic? (JWQ&A)

The Sahidic Coptic of John 14:14 (JWQ&A)

How does the 2nd/3rd century Sahidic Coptic version translate Acts 20:28? (JWQ&A)

How does the 2nd/3rd century Sahidic Coptic version translate 1 Tim. 3:16? (JWQ&A)

NWT and Coptic (NWT and Coptic)

Sahidic Coptic Insight on NT Verses (Sahidic Coptic Insight on NT Verses)

Bibliacoptica (Bibliacoptica)

Coveteousness (Category)

How are we supposed to move forward in life when the Bible says, "You must not covet"? (SFBT)

Covington  (Hayden)

Hayden Covington (1911 - 1978) (pastorrussell)

Creation (Category)

Does God really exist? (SFBT)

UNIV - (Universe - The "Impossible" Universe) (SFBT)

Could life have occured spontaneously? ("Impossible" Creatures) (SFBT)

Was the 'artificial life' breakthrough recently announced by scientists prove 'abiogenesis'? (SFBT)

The "coincidences" of extra protons, and the very small mass difference between a neutron and proton, etc. (SFBT)

"The Universe's basic properties are uncannily suited for life. Tweak the laws of physics in just about any way and life as we know it would not exist..." (Excerpt from Discover, 12/08; JWQ&A)

The "Just Right" Status of the Gravitational Force (SFBT)

Video - Another "coincidence" for life on Earth: Venus and Earth were created around the same time -- so why is Venus barren and Earth thriving? (National Geographic)

The unusual (and beneficial) properties of water (JWQ&A)

Why Do Some Scientists Believe in God? (SFBT)

How did Moses know that the universe had a beginning when Einstien did not? (JWQ&A)

Are things that seem to be at odds with the Bible's account really in contradiction to what the Bible says? (JWQ&A)
Does the fossil record support the Bible? (jwitness forum)

What is the Big Bang Theory? (SFBT)

If Jehovah is a God of order, why are chaotic occurances observed in the universe? (JWQ&A)

Is the Earth really only 10,000 years old? (SFBT)

Does the Bible really say that the Earth is only 6,000 years old? (jwitness forum)

What is the firmament in Genesis? (jwitness forum)

Were the creative "days" in Genesis literal 24 hour periods? (SFBT)

What are The Meanings Of The Words Translated "created" In Genesis 1:1 And "make" in Genesis 1:16? (Y/A; Esp. Bar Enosh's response)

Were the plants created before the sun? (jwitness forum)

Then there was 'evening and morning' (jwitness forum)

Did God Use Evolution to Create Life? (SFBT)

Micro-evolution and Macro-Evolution defined (jwitness forum; links to videos)

Could life have begun by chance? (jwitness forum)

What about carbon dating and ape-like creatures? (jwitness forum)

How was it that "all things were made through (Jesus)"? (John 1:3) (SFBT)

How is Man Made in God's Image? (Gen. 1:26) (SFBT)

Why did God make us? (JWQ&A)

Why did God give men nipples? Or is this evidence against Creation? (SFBT)

Creation Reveals God's Glory (pastorrussell)

Can Science Help You to Find God? - Scientists In Their Own Words (WBTS)

Can Science Help You to Find God? - Where Can You Find Answers? (WBTS)

COPYING Life's Marvelous Designs (WBTS)

Did God Use Evolution to Create Life? (WBTS)

Do You Believe in What You Cannot See? (WBTS)

Does Science Contradict the Genesis Account? (WBTS)

How do the created animals magnify God? (WBTS)

Is Evolution Compatible With THE BIBLE? (WBTS)

Is It Unscientific to Believe in God? (WBTS)

Is There a CREATOR? - Did God Use Evolution to Create Life? (WBTS)

Is There a CREATOR? - What Does Nature Teach? (WBTS)

Is There a CREATOR? - Whom Should You Believe? (WBTS)

Jehovah's Creations and Miracles (WBTS)

LEARNING From Designs in Nature (WBTS)

Our Awesome Universe - Did the Elements Come About by Chance? (WBTS)

Our Awesome Universe - The Earth—Was it "Founded" by Chance? (WBTS)


RECONCILING Science and Religion (WBTS)

The Awesome Universe - 'Something is Missing'—What? (WBTS)

The Awesome Universe - So Mysterious, yet So Beautiful (WBTS)

The Awesome Universe - What the Big Bang Explains—What It Doesn't (WBTS)

The Earth—Just Right for Us (WBTS)


The Great Designer REVEALED (WBTS)

The Universe — Did It Come About by Chance? (WBTS)

What Does CREATION Reveal About GOD? - God's Love Manifest in a Mother's Love (WBTS)

What Does CREATION Reveal About GOD? - God's Power Revealed in the Stars (WBTS)

What Does CREATION Reveal About GOD? - God's Wisdom Evident in Nature (WBTS)

What Does CREATION Reveal About GOD? - Seeing Is Believing (WBTS)

What Does Design in Nature Reveal? (WBTS)

What Does DESIGN in NATURE Reveal? - Admire the Design Learn About the Designer (WBTS)

Why I Believe The Bible - A Nuclear Scientist Tells His Story (WBTS)

Why Some Scientists Believe in God (WBTS)

Cross (Category)

STAUROS - "Cross" or "Torture Stake"? (SFBT)

Cross or Stake (Stauros) (pastorrussel)

What does the original Greek reveal as to the shape of the instrument on which Jesus was put to death? (JWQ&A)

Did Jesus die on a CROSS or an upright STAKE? (jwitness forum)

"Jesus did not die on cross, says scholar" (News article from

NWT - Criticism by Zondervan's So Many Versions? - "Torture Stake" vs. "Cross" (Defending the NWT)

Quotes concerning the pagan history of the Cross (SFBT)

Should the Cross be venerated? (JWQ&A)

Does it matter if Jesus died on a cross? (SFBT)

The Sign of the Cross (pastorrussel)

Did Jesus Really Die on a Cross?
Should Christians use the cross as an object of veneration? (WBTS)

Why True Christians Do Not Use the Cross in Worship
A Biblical explanation of why true Christians do not use the cross in worship. (WBTS)

Beliefs and Customs That Displease God (#6 in list)
In 16 well-illustrated lessons, this brochure presents the Bible's basic teachings. (WBTS)

Should Icons Be Used in Worship? (WBTS)

How Does God View Aids to Worship? (WBTS)


To some, little things can mean a lot (JWQ&A)