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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Paganism (Category)

Do many Holidays have pagan origins or associations? (SFBT)

What is the origin of popular customs associated with birthday celebrations? (SFBT)

Trinity And Pagan Influence (SFBT)

Christmas - It's Origins And Associations (SFBT)

Quotes concerning the pagan history of the Cross (SFBT)

Why is paganism so despicable to Jehovah Witnesses? (SFBT)

Should WEDDING RINGS and the use of days and months of the GREGORIAN CALENDAR be avoided by true Christians? (SFBT)

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses use the Gregorian calender when it's months are named in honour of the pagan Roman kings/gods? (JWQ&A)

Why did the Jews use the name of the pagan god Tammuz as the name for one of their months? (JWQ&A)

Is the Watchtower of pagan origin? (pastorrussell)

Can a Pagan Holiday Be Made Christian?
Just what are the origins of many of the Christmas traditions? (WBTS)

How Did the Trinity Doctrine Develop?
What is the Trinity? Does the Bible teach it? Is Jesus Christ the Almighty God and part of the Trinity? What is the holy spirit, and how does it function? (WBTS)

Take Your Stand for True Worship
To please God, you must reject false worship and take a stand for true worship. What does this include? (WBTS)

Why True Christians Do Not Use the Cross in Worship
A Biblical explanation of why true Christians do not use the cross in worship. (WBTS)

Christmas Customs--Are They Christian?
The Christmas season is here. Is it a spiritual occasion, or is it only a festive and merry period? (WBTS)

Should We Celebrate Holidays?
The origin of religious celebrations has a bearing on whether they please God. (WBTS)

Should Icons Be Used in Worship?
The use of religious icons in worship is a prominent part of many faiths. What does the Bible say about this practice? (WBTS)

Building on Pagan Foundations
Among the many impressive monuments that are visited by tourists to Rome, Italy, is the Pantheon. (WBTS)

Paradise (Category)

Are the paradise conditions described in Isa. 11:6-9 a literal or figurative promise? (SFBT)

Will paradise be on Earth? (Jwitness forum)

Luke 23:43 and the New World Translation (SFBT)

NWT and Luke 23:43 (JWQ&A)

Can You Believe in a Paradise Earth?
What happened to the hope of a paradise earth? Why not examine what the Bible says about this subject? (WBTS)

He placed the first human couple in the earthly Paradise of Eden and gave them a marvelous assignment: "Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and ... (WBTS)
Jehovah's purpose for the earth to be a paradise home for humans who reflect his qualities is a major theme of the Bible. (WBTS)
Jehovah created the earth to be the Paradise home of the human family. (WBTS)
What exactly is God's Kingdom, and how will it restore Paradise to the earth? (WBTS)
The entire earth will be transformed into a paradise home for mankind. ... ( Matthew 6:10) The marvelous conditions on the Paradise earth will reflect the ... (WBTS)
Jehovah God will see to it that his original purpose for mankind to enjoy eternal life in an earthly paradise will be realized. (WBTS)
What do you need in order to make a wise choice as to religion? (WBTS)
DISTRESSED by environmental and social conditions on earth, many would love to see our planet transformed into a paradise. (WBTS)

Then God's Kingdom will usher in an earthly paradise. ... God's purpose to make the earth a paradise will be fulfilled.—Isaiah 45:18; 55:11 (WBTS)
The transformation of the earth into a paradise will take place ... (WBTS)
Before God made man, He chose one small part of the earth and made it into a beautiful paradise. He called it the garden of Eden. (WBTS)

Parousi′a  (See "Presence")

Paton  (John H.)

John H. Paton (pastorrussell)


What is perfection? (JWQ&A)

If Adam and Eve were perfect, then does perfection require that Adam and Eve be unable to do wrong? (JWQ&A)

Planets  (Category)

Does the Bible indicate whether or not life exists beyond the earth? (SFBT)

The "Impossible" Universe (SFBT)

Video - Another "coincidence" for life on Earth: Venus and Earth were created around the same time -- so why is Venus barren and Earth thriving? (National Geographic)

Does Astrology Really Work? (SFBT)

Does the Bible speak about stars and planets? (jwitness forum)

Are things that seem to be at odds with the Bible's account really in contradiction to what the Bible says? (JWQ&A)

The Earth--Was it "Founded" by Chance? (WBTS)

Our Unique Solar System—How It Got Here (WBTS)

The Awesome Universe--What the Big Bang Explains--What It Doesn't (WBTS)

Pledge Allegence  (See "Neutrality")


Is 1 Tim. 3:2 specifically referring to avoiding the practice of polygamy or is it referring to someone being divorced for unscriptural reasons and then remarrying? (JWQ&A)

Prayer (Category)

Does God answer all prayers? (WBTS)

Does praying do any good? (WBTS)

How can one pray without ever ceasing? (1 Thess. 5:17); "How can one pray without ever ceasing?" AP (JWQ&A)

How should we pray to God? (WBTS)

Should We Pray to Jesus? (Jehovah's Witnesses United)

Ask Who? (John 14:14) (jwitness forum)

Should Images, "Patron Saints" or the Rosary be used in prayer? (WBTS)

Should you pray to the virgin Mary? (WBTS)

What are proper matters about which to pray? (JWQ&A)

What could make a person's prayers unacceptable to God? (JWQ&A)

Which prayers are actually heard by God? (WBTS)

Whose prayers is God willing to hear? (JWQ&A)

"Would God listen to the prayer of a minister on a person's behalf more, or would it be the same as if the person prayed for themselves?" (JWQ&A);

Response to ones who may want to pray for you but do not share your beliefs (JWQ&A)

Is the reference to Scripture in prayer appropriate? (JWQ&A)

Reference to scriptures in prayer - prayers that are truly in harmony with the Bible (JWQ&A)

What would be appropriate for inclusion in a public prayer? (JWQ&A)

Dr. Emoto and his claims of the power of water and prayer (JWQ&A)

Preaching (Category)

The Good News of the Kingdom of God (pastorrussell)

Does the method of preaching from house to house have its basis in the Scriptures? (SFBT)

Regarding the ministry, how do we know that it is the duty of each and every Christian and not just a few? (JWQ&A)

What is an "evangelizer" and how is it different from a minister/publisher? (JWQ&A)

House to House (pastorrussell)

Why did Jesus use the scriptures when talking to people? (SFBT)

What Does it Mean to be a Witness of Jehovah? (SFBT)

Is it true that Jehovah's Witnesses print the 1st & 2nd most widely distributed magazines in the world? (SFBT)

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses preach from house to house? (SFBT)

Why do Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door? (jwitnessforum)

Why do the Witnesses call repeatedly even at homes of people who do not share their faith? (SFBT)

If we are to help others in saving their lives in a temporary way, how much more are we to help them in hearing the good news of the Kingdom which can give them everlasting life? (JWQ&A)

Scriptures of encouragement when faced with opposition in our ministry (JWQ&A)

Should you allow some physical traits that you have no control over get in your way of talking to others about God's Kingdom? (JWQ&A)

Are the Jehovah's Witnesses' preaching methods successful? (jwitnessforum)

Why do Jehovah Witnesses go door to door in twos? (SFBT)

If Jehovah's Witnesses believe that only 144,000 people go to heaven, then wouldn't making more Jehovah's Witnesses reduce their own chances of getting into heaven? (SFBT)

Is the ‘speaking in tongues’ that is done today the same as that done by first-century Christians? (SFBT)

For how long did Noah preach and how can this be proved Scripturally? (JWQ&A)

Women's key role in the ministry (JWQ&A)

When Will God’s Kingdom Come? - Jesus made the Kingdom the theme of his preaching (WBTS)
The Good News They Want You to Hear (WBTS)
Ways They Use to Share the Good News (WBTS)
Their Worldwide Organization and Work (WBTS)
Baptism and Your Relationship With God - SHARING BIBLE TRUTH WITH OTHERS (WBTS)
Are We Living in “the Last Days”? (WBTS)

Predestination (Category)

Predestination: Does God foreordain our life course and ultimate fate / destiny? (SFBT)

TASSO (Pre-destination?) Acts 13:48 (SFBT)

Yatsar (Predestination) Ps. 139: 15,16 (SFBT)

Omnipotence and Omniscience (jwitness forum)

Is your future predetermined? (jwitness forum)

Did Jeremiah have a pre-human existence? (jwitness forum)

Is Your Future Predestined?
Does God foreordain our life course and ultimate destiny? What does the Bible say? (WBTS)

Freedom of choice precludes predestination. ... Predestination is linked with the idea that God must have a detailed plan for the universe... (WBTS)

There is also the doctrine of predestination, which promotes the view that “the ultimate salvation or damnation of each human individual has... (WBTS)


Lutheran 'time of the end' predictions (JWQ&A)

Presence (Category)

Return of Christ  (pastorrussell)

Will Christ return in a manner visible to human eyes? (Examining the Greek verb horáo.) (JWQ&A)

Definition of "presence" (JWQ&A)

"Coming" and "Presense" (JWQ&A)

NWT - Parousia ("Presence") (Defending the New World Translation)

When will God's Kingdom come? (SFBT)

Son of Man Reaps - Rev. 14:14-20 (SFBT)

Do You Recognize the Sign of Jesus’ Presence? (WBTS)
When Will God’s Kingdom Come? (WBTS)


What is a "Principle" and why is it important? (SFBT)

Proof Texts  (See Trinity 'Proof Texts')


Did Jesus fulfill the messianic prophecies? (jwitness forum)


What is the source of all true prophecy?  Does the Bible show that inspired prophesying is in use today?  What did John say concerning "inspired expressions"?  (JWQ&A

Prophet  (Also see "False Prophet")

Are there prophets on earth today? (JWQ&A)

Purple Triangles

Purple Triangles (JWQ&A)

Pyramid  (See "Russell")


Pythagoras and Pythagoreanism ..."So it appears that this "holy" number three used to "worship the gods" in unity came down from Babylon through Egypt and India, and through the extremely influential Pythagoras to the ancient Greek philosophy/mystery religions and even to Plato himself." (JWQ&A)