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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who was Abel?

Abel was Adam and Eve's second son, and was Cain's younger brother. (Gen 4:2)

Gen. 5:1-4 mentions the birth of daughters to Adam and Eve and so it is probable that Abel had sisters while still alive. The names of these sisters were not mentioned in the record. While Cain, his brother became a farmer, Abel became a herder of sheep. (Gen 4:2)

It is evident that both Cain and Abel believed in God and most likely learned of Him from their parents.The Bible mentions an event where Abel made an offering to God - the firstlings of his flocks, and Cain made an offering as well of his produce. (Gen. 4:3, 4)

Abel’s offering won God favor, however Cain’s did not. Why? The apostle Paul later wrote that Abel's sacrifice was of “greater worth” than Cain’s offering. (Hebrews 11:4) And at 1 John 3:11, 12, it was the motive and heart condition which was considered. There, the Scripture shows that Cain’s heart attitude was bad, as was fully evidenced by the premeditated murder of his brother Abel.

Abel is also included among the “cloud of witnesses” of pre-Christian times. (Heb. 11:4; 12:1)

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When God spoke of Abel's blood, he was speaking of Abel's life ... It was as if Abel's blood, or life, were crying out to Jehovah for justice. (WBTS)

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