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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Mark  (Book of)  (See "Gospels")

Marriage (Category)

The Bible's stated principles concerning marriage (SFBT)

Is sex before marriage a sin? (jwitness forum)

Does the Bible condemn sex before marriage? (jwitness forum)

Practical information in resolving marital problems between Christian mates (JWQ&A)

What’s Wrong With Premarital Sex? (WBTS)

Marriage and the Scriptures (WBTS)

Marriage / Family Life (SFBT; Many links to informative, scripture-based articles)

Mary (Category)

Is Mary the “Mother of God”? Was Mary always a virgin? (pastorrussel)

Did Mary (the mother of Jesus) have other children? (jwitness forum)

Should you pray to the virgin Mary? (WBTS)


What does the Bible say about it? (jwitness forum)

How Can I Conquer This Habit? (WBTS)

Matthew  (Book of)  (See "Gospels")

Meat  (Category)

Did humans eat meat before the flood? (JWQ&A)

Did animals eat meat before the statement at Gen. 1:30? Will all animals will be vegetarian in the new world? How can we account for meat-eating animals apparently at creation being equipped as meat eaters? (JWQ&A)

Should Christians eat red meat since it may contain a trace of blood? (SFBT)

Michael  (See Archangel)

Mighty God

Does Isa. 9:6 prove that Jesus is God? (SFBT)


Why did the Law forbid boiling a kid in its mother's milk? (JWQ&A)

Miracles (Category)

How are miracles defined? (AB; Daniel2)

Why don't miracles happen today? (jwitness forum)

Why were miracles performed in Bible times and why they are not seen today? (JWQ&A)

If miracles do not happen today, why did they in the first century? (JWQ&A)

Are not the Bible's miracles unbelievable? (jwitness forum)

How come in Biblical times, supernatural miracles were happening left and right, but nowadays no one experiences such things? (AB; Daniel2)

The Bible claims that Jesus' miracles were a manifestation of "the majestic power of God." Would such works be impossible for an almighty... (WBTS)

Belief in miracles is found in almost all religions. (WBTS)

If we examine some of the Scriptural evidence surrounding miracles ascribed to Jesus Christ, what will we find? (WBTS)

Why can we be certain that Jesus' miracles were real, authentic? (WBTS)
Have you ever wondered about the turning of water into blood, the parting of the Red Sea, the virgin birth of Jesus, and other miracles recorded in the... (WBTS)

An examination of three Bible accounts of Jesus' miracles. These (1) teach Christians practical lessons today, (2) reveal fascinating... (WBTS)

THE word “miracle” has the secondary meaning of “an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.” We have all seen this kind of miracle... (WBTS)

Why did he perform miracles? (1) He felt pity for people who were suffering, and he wanted to ... Jesus' ministry included teaching, performing miracles... (WBTS)
The question, then, may be asked, Does God work miracles through .... Still, Jesus' miracles of healing have an important message for us... (WBTS)

Miracle Wheat  (See "Russell")

Moabite Stone

The Moabite Stone—Biblical History Comes to Life (pastorrussell)

Monotheism (Category)

Video: "Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism - The Early use of "God" and the Christological Implications" (SFBT)

God and gods (Examining the Trinity)

Redefinitions (Examining the Trinity)

Old Testament Monotheism: The Usage and Meaning of Elohim (JW United)

What Does the Bible Say About God and Jesus?
THE Bible teaching that God is one is called monotheism. And L. L. Paine, professor of ecclesiastical history, indicates that monotheism in its purest form ... (WBTS)

On the Bible and Monotheism (JWQ&A)

Difference between believing in only one God and worshiping only one "God" (JWQ&A)

Monogenes (See "Only-Begotten")

Mormonism  (Latter Day Saints)  (Category)

Specific informaton about the Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) (JWQ&A)

The Book of Mormon Compared with the Bible (JWQ&A)

Is the concept of God being a man supported by the Bible? (JWQ&A)

Is 1 Cor. 15:41 talking about other varying degrees of glories (afterlives) depending on how loyal we are? (LDS teaching) (JWQ&A)


What is the significance of a Genesis "Day" consisting of only "evening' and "morning"? (JWQ&A)

Is Gen. 1:5 talking about a literal morning and a literal evening of a literal day? (JWQ&A)

Then there was 'evening and morning' (jwitness forum)

Mosaic Law (Category)

Are Christians Under the Mosaic Law? (From God's Word)

Are Christians Required to Observe the Mosaic Law? (JWQ&A)

Were the commands concerning blood only meant for the Mosaic law? Is it applicable to us today? (God's View of Blood)
Did the Mosaic law condone the stoning of children? (jwitness forum)

Why did the Mosaic law condemn witchcraft? (jwitness forum)

Fornication and the Mosaic Law (jwitness forum)

Jesus said that the law will still stand until the "heavens and earth pass away". They have not passed away". So according to this, why is the law not observed? (Mt. 5:18) (JWQ&A)

Why did the Law forbid boiling a kid in its mother's milk? (JWQ&A)


Did Moses see God's face? (jwitness forum)

If Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible, then how was his own death and burial written in Deuteronomy Chapter 34? (SFBT)
Why did Moses write Genesis chapter 2 the way he did? (JWQ&A)


Is it proper for Christians to wear moustaches? (JWQ&A)


Why does the KJV say in Exodus 20:13 "thou shalt not kill", but in the NWT it says "you must not murder"? (JWQ&A)

Mystery (Category)

Is the fundamental nature of God SUPPOSED to be a "Mystery"? (SFBT)

How Is the Trinity Explained?
And Pope John Paul II speaks of "the inscrutable mystery of God the Trinity." ... However, contending that since the Trinity is such a confusing mystery, ... (WBTS)

Is Jesus God?
Cardinal John O'Connor stated about the Trinity: “We know that it is a very profound mystery, which we don't begin to understand. ... (WBTS)