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Saturday, June 12, 2010


I AM (Category)

What did Jesus actually say at John 8:58? (SFBT)

John 8:58 "I AM"; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4 (Endnotes) (Examining the Trinity)

Sahidic Coptic John 8:58 and Sahidic Coptic Exodus 3:14 (Sahidic Coptic Insight on NT Verses)

What About...John 8:58? (From God's Word)

What About Trinity "Proof Texts"? (WBTS)

How do we know that 'I Am' at Ex. 3:14 in KJV is incorrect? (JWQ&A)

Jesus' reply had to do with the length of his existence...not his identity (JWQ&A)

Idols / Images (Category)

Should Idols / Icons be used in worship? (SFBT)

Should Idols / Icons be used in worship?
The use of religious icons in worship is a prominent part of many faiths. What does the Bible say about this practice? (WBTS)

How does God view images that are objects of worship and what does His Word say about the making of them? (SFBT)

What effect could use of images in worship have on our own future? (SFBT)

May images be used simply as aids in worship of the true God? (SFBT)

How should Christians today feel about any images that they may formerly have venerated? (SFBT)

Should we venerate "saints" as intercessors with God, perhaps using images of them as aids in our worship? (SFBT)

Why Do Jehovah's Witnesses Not Use Images in Their Worship?
Jehovah's Witnesses obey God's clear direction not to use images of any sort when they worship him. (WBTS)

How Does God View Aids to Worship? (WBTS)

Take Your Stand for True Worship
To please God, you must reject false worship and take a stand for true worship. What does this include? (WBTS)

Did Jesus Really Die on a Cross?
Should Christians use the cross as an object of veneration? (WBTS)

Should Images, "Patron Saints" or the Rosary be used in prayer? (WBTS)

What About the Rosary? (WBTS)

Illegal Immigration

What should a Christian's actions be, if any, toward someone who is desiring to know and follow God's counsel, yet whose status may at present be considered that of an illegal alien? (SFBT)

Are illegal immigrant Witnesses reproved? (JWQ&A)

Would providing assistance (giving work or renting a home) to someone who has immigrated illegally be appropriate? (JWQ&A)

Image (Catagory)

Image (Examining the Trinity)

PHIL 2:6 (Examining the Trinity)

Us ... Our Image - Gen. 1 (Examining the Trinity)

2 Cor. 4:4 "Christ, who is the image of God" (SFBT)

Does Genesis 1:26 prove the Trinity? (SFBT)

Gen. 1:26 - "Let Us Make Man in Our Image" (SFBT)

In what sense was man created in God's image? (JWQ&A)

How is Man Made in God's Image? (Gen. 1:26) (SFBT)

Immanuel (Category)

NAME (Examining the Trinity)

Should Jesus really be considered to be God because he was symbolically “named” Immanuel (Is. 7:14; Mt. 1:23) which means “God is with us”? (SFBT)


What is immortality? (JWQ&A)

What is "immortality" as opposed to "everlasting (eternal) life"? (JWQ&A)

Independence Day  (See "Holidays")

Infallible / Inspired? (JWs) (Category)

Why have there been changes over the years in the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses? (SFBT)

Have Jehovah's Witnesses ever claimed to be an INSPIRED prophet? (SFBT)

Does the Watchtower Society really claim to be an inspired prophet? (JWQ&A)

Are Jehovah's Witnesses "false prophets"? (jwitnessforum)

Has The Watchtower Society Ever Claimed to be Infallible? (SFBT)

The Problem with "False Prophecy" Polemics (Bible Translation and Study)

The Churches, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the Question of Unfulfilled Prophetic Expectations (Jehovah's Witnesses United)

Did the Bible ever say that God's followers would never make mistakes?

No Claim of Inspiration (pastrorrussel)

Does the Watchtower discourage independent thinking? (jwitnessforum)

Inspired Expressions  (See "Prophecy")


The Pros and Cons of the Internet (JWQ&A)


Who Make Up "All Israel"? (Spiritual Israel; 12 tribes; 144,000) (JWQ&A)