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Saturday, June 12, 2010


War (Category)

What is the difference between war in Biblical times and warfare today? (JWQ&A)

What is the crucial difference between "biblical" or 'good' warfare and the wars between nations today? (JWQ&A)

Armageddon—God's War to End All Wars
The Bible describes a unique war that will bring an end to all wars. It calls this war “Armageddon.” (WBTS)

“The War to End All Wars”
Although people long to see an end to war, few believe that a war or any other strategy could achieve this goal. (WBTS)

War Has Changed Its Face 
WAR has always been brutal. It has always ruined the lives of soldiers and has always brought suffering to civilians. But in recent years, ... (WBTS)

Blunders That Led to World War
Could a third world war begin by accident? Consider some of the key events that led to World War I. (WBTS)

An End to War
The Bible explains that real peace requires and end of war, not in just one region of the globe, but in all the earth. (WBTS)

Watchtower (Category

What is the Watchtower? (jwitnessforum)

The Watchtower and Awake magazines An on-line selection of articles that have appeared in the current Watchtower and Awake! magazines by Jehovah's Witnesses.

Watchtower and Awake! Magazine Audio Downloads

Why is the Watchtower magazine called the "Watchtower"? (pastorrussell)

Is it true that Jehovah's Witnesses print the 1st & 2nd most widely distributed magazines in the world? (SFBT)

Is the Watchtower of pagan origin? (pastorrussell)

Watch Tower Society  (Category)

Watch Tower Society (pastrorrussel)

What is the Watchtower? (jwitnessforum)

Watch Tower Society Incorported (pastrorrussel)

Brooklyn Bethel—100 Years of History (Subjects considered: "Why Move to Brooklyn?" and "Why Called Bethel?") (pastrorrussel)

The Bible House (pastrorrussel)

Their Modern Development and Growth (pastrorrussel)

No Claim of Inspiration (pastrorrussel)

Water (Category)

The unusual (and beneficial) properties of water (JWQ&A)

Should a person be baptized by a mere pouring or sprinkling or by complete immersion? (SFBT)
If the Holy Spirit is really a person, wouldn't the water and blood be persons too according to Trinitarian reasoning and 1 John 5:8? (SFBT)

The "Impossible" Universe
If such an atmosphere did exist at one time, and if the proper amino acids were produced, they would have been destroyed by the same source of energy that split the methane and water vapor in the first place. (SFBT)

From what source was the Flood of Noah's day? (SFBT) What effect of a rapid diminishment of a global water canopy? (JWQ&A) Noah's Flood - Where did the waters go? (jwitness forum) Is there any evidence to support the idea of a global flood?

Water Witching (Dowsing) and Other "Paranormal" Powers (SFBT)
Did Jesus turn the water to wine or grape juice? (SFBT)

Claim About Moses - The First Dowser?
Is it from this crag that we shall bring out water for YOU?" With that Moses lifted his hand up and struck the crag with his rod twice; and much water began to come out, and the assembly and their beasts of burden began to drink. (SFBT)

Dr. Emoto and his claims of the power of water and prayer (JWQ&A)
Is The World Running Out of Water? (WBTS)

Weddings (Category)

Why are wedding anniversaries acceptable to celebrate but not birthday anniversaries? (SFBT)

Should WEDDING RINGS and the use of days and months of the GREGORIAN CALENDAR be avoided by true Christians? (SFBT)

The Wedding Day--A Sample Preparations Checklist
Once it is decided that a couple will marry and that the marriage will conform to Bible laws and principles as well as to the law of the ... (WBTS)
Increase the Joy and Dignity of Your Wedding Day
How can the groom, the bride, and others add to the joy of the wedding day? (WBTS)

The Wedding Day--Happy but Demanding
Once it is decided that a couple will marry and that the marriage will conform to Bible laws and principles as well as to the law of the ... (WBTS)

"The Happiest Day of Our Lives"
A WEDDING is a joyful occasion. Many couples have said: "It was the happiest day of our lives." But it can also be one of the most demanding ... (WBTS)

Wheat (For 'Miracle Wheat', see Russell / Rutherford)


Did Jesus turn the water to wine or grape juice? (SFBT)

Did Jesus drink the wine? (jwitness forum)

Wisdom (Category)

Does "Wisdom" at Prov. 8:22-30 refer to the Messiah, and does it say that he was created? (SFBT)

Is Proverbs 8:22-31 talking about Wisdom personified instead of Jesus? Why is Wisdom referred to in the feminine gender? (SFBT)

Scores of trinitarian bibles have decided to render the word 'qanah' as "create". (JWQ&A)

Prov. 8:22-30 "Wisdom" and Christ (Examining the Trinity)

Witchcraft (See "Spiritism")

Women (Category)

Women's key role in the ministry (JWQ&A)

Are women looked down upon in the Bible? (SFBT)

Should women speak? (1 Tim. 2:11-13) (jwitness forum)

Are 1 Tim. 2:12-14 and 1 Cor. 14:34-35 really referring to women being totally quiet or even speaking to a man about the scriptures? (JWQ&A)

"While not permitted to teach in congregational assembly, a woman could teach persons outside the congregation who desired to learn the truth of the Bible as well as be a `teacher of what is good' to younger women (and children) within the congregation."(Tit. 2:3-5) (JWQ&A)

Should a woman wear a head covering? (JWQ&A)

What is the spiritual significance of a woman wearing a head covering? (JWQ&A)

Does Deut. 22:5 mean that women should never wear men's pants? What does this Scripture mean? (JWQ&A)

Because 1 Cor. 11:14, 15 is concerned about women having longer hair than men, does this mean that women should only have long hair? (JWQ&A)

Women - A Biblical Perspective (Jehovah's Witnesses United)

Rape and the Mosaic Law (jwitness forum)

Does the Bible Discriminate Against Women? (WBTS)

How Do God and Christ View Women? (WBTS)

Appreciating Women and Their Work (WBTS)

What Does the Future Hold for Women? (WBTS)

Man and Woman - A Dignified Role for Each (WBTS)

Why Do Men Batter Women? (WBTS)

Violence Against Women—A Global Problem (WBTS)

Help for Battered Women (WBTS)

"Sometimes I Think I Am Dreaming!" (WBTS)

Discrimination Against Females (WBTS)

Sexual Harassment  - A Global Problem (WBTS)

Three Ways a Woman Can Improve Her Lot (WBTS)

Correcting Misconceptions (WBTS)

Machismo—A Global Problem (WBTS)

"Maybe This Time He'll Change" (WBTS)

Making Your Pregnancy SAFER (WBTS)

A Woman's Workday in Central Africa (WBTS)

Sexual Harassment - How to Protect Yourself (WBTS)

Word  (See Bible or John 1:1)


John 16:33 - What "world" is this, when did it begin, and when will it end? How did Jesus conquer the world and what does this mean for his disciples? (JWQ&A)

Wormwood  (Category)

What is Wormwood as read at Rev. 8:10,11? (SFBT)

Not uncommon for the Bible to use stars in a figurative sense (JWQ&A)

Wormwood and spiritual poisoning (JWQ&A)

Worship (Category)

Worship (as used in Scripture) (Examining the Trinity)

Worship or Obeisance? (Bible Translation and Study)

PROSKYNEO-Always "Worship"? (In Defense of The New World Translation)

Heb. 1:6 - "Let all the angels of God worship him [Jesus]." (JWQ&A)

Heb. 1:6 "All angels of God worship him" KJV (SFBT)

Should we worship Jesus (Hebrews 1: 6; Matthew 1:2)? (jwitness forum)

Did Jehovah's Witnesses worship Jesus prior to 1954? (jwitnessforum)

Should You Believe in the Trinity? - Worship God on His Terms (WBTS)

Worship That God Approves (WBTS)

Take Your Stand for True Worship (WBTS)

Does God Accept All Forms of Worship? (WBTS)

How to Identify True Worship (WBTS)

How Does God View Aids to Worship? (WBTS)

Worship That Is Good for You (WBTS)


Yoga--Just an Exercise or Something More? (WBTS)